Frequently Asked Questions

Top Ten, Questions Homeowners Want To Know About Loan Modifications.

1 (Q) What is a Loan Modification?

2 (Q) What is the main criteria for a Loan Modification?

3 (Q) Why do so many people file bankruptcy, to save their home?

4 (Q) If I'm in bankruptcy, can I still get my Loan Modified?

5 (Q) What is the Making Homes Affordable Program?

6 (Q) What if I have bad credit, can I still Get A Loan Modification?

7 (Q) Are Loan Modifications Permeate or Temporary ?

8 (Q) If I was turned down for a Loan Modification, can I re-apply with TLA?

9 (Q) Why do so many homeowners accept repayment plans, instead of a Loan Modification?

10(Q) Can TLA, Help my relatives in another state?