About Us

The TLA Team is here to provide families with a fresh start by avoiding foreclosure proceedings on their homes. We are here to relieve the burden of overwhelming circumstances that sometimes result into mortgage foreclosure.

At TLA, we provide professional counseling services to homeowners in order to help them resolve mortgage delinquency and default, which ultimately ends in foreclosure.
Our primary objective at TLA is to preserve homeownership.
TLA provides Professional Counseling services to both families and individuals.

TLA Professional Counselors work to help you:

1. Find manageable solutions
2. Save your home
3. Learn about your options
4. Find peace of mind


Any of these reasons may have been beyond your control.

What ever the reason, if you are two months behind on your mortgage (in the lien period), and you don't see any light at the end of the tunnel, it's time to call TLA Foreclosure Prevention and set up an appointment with us.

This is the time line facing your home, if you call TLA today there is still time to work this out.